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Christopher Sajnendra

Executive Coach | Business Coach | Business Strategist | Speaker | Leadership Consultant | Healthcare Leadership Coach


I empower CEOs, Senior Executives, Successful Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs by helping them discover how to Increase INFLUENCE, IMPACT and INCOME through Powerful Executive Coaching, Mentoring and Highly Relevant Professional Development.


I deliver this through Powerful Coaching and Customised Professional Development for the CEO, Senior Executive and Business Owners and their TEAM.

This helps:
• CLARIFY opportunities, obstacles, and goals.
• IDENTIFY strengths that can be rapidly leveraged to accelerate success
• I HOLD CEO, Senior Executive and Business Owners and their teams ACCOUNTABLE to this plan, and
• Together we ensure the IMPOSSIBLE BECOMES POSSIBLE!


Over 25 years, real life, in the trenches, practical business experience. Owned numerous successful businesses in retail, beauty and health industries. Coached and trained Bankers, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Accountants and Media Personalities.


I simply get the Healthcare industry because I am also a pharmacist who has owned numerous pharmacies both in Australia and Overseas over the last 25years. As someone, who not only knows but also thoroughly enjoys overcoming challenges in the healthcare industry in Australia, I can help others with an in interest healthcare see what they can't see!

Why a Pharmacist and Executive Coach?

Over the years, as a pharmacist, I’ve witnessed firsthand how executives and high performing individuals constantly "crashed" and “burned", just to perform at the optimum required level.
I could see the impact on their health, their families and their finances. Then it dawned on me!

Rather than just dispense another "feel good happy pill”, to patch up the situation, I stepped out from "behind the counter”. Through my expertise in health and internationally trained and accredited coaching certification, I can now take the same clients by hand and walk with them in their pursuit of optimal health and peak performance.

WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: As an Executive Coach and Corporate Leadership Consultant

I specialise in professional development for organisations with a successful track record of working with business leaders bringing them real results. I coach management personnel, senior leaders including CEO and other executive personnel to empower them to become more effective and take their staff and business to the next level.

I have Expertise in:
» Leadership development
» Improving a team’s sales performance
» Enhanced leadership and strategic planning skills
» Improve decision-making Skills
» Ability to inspire and motivate teams
» Improve Communication Skills
» Improved working relationships
» Improved management skills

I specialise in executive coaching and team coaching, tailor-made leadership development workshops.

I speak at workshops, panel and special events to empower, educate and motivate employees and executive team.
Other Experience

Over the last few years, I have:

- Started, expanded & sold pharmacy business in Australia & Pacific Islands.

- Researched & developed advanced brain food supplements, smart beverages and dietary systems to help improve brain and health and function through The Super Brain Fuel Project.
- Appeared on radio and TV in Australia and Fiji speaking on coaching, leadership, and youth motivation and intention and inspirational leadership.
- Taught & trained on Leadership and personal development to Media Personalities, top-rated bankers and businesses.
- Launched a top ranking Leadership Magazine called Leadership Inspirational on Apple's Newsstand Platform, featuring inspiring leaders from around the globe.
- Founded & launched a not for profit organisation that attends to the spiritual and practical needs of the less fortunate from around the world.


"Greater clarity and conviction on what I wanted to achieve and why. I gained a big picture view of where I was headed and the individual pieces of the puzzle I needed to act on to get there. I am grateful for the support, guidance, and wisdom Chris provided during our sessions together. His honesty, care, and authenticity provided the perfect backdrop to get me where I needed to go. "GIANNA DI BELLA | Co-Founder DI BELLA COFFEE.

"Over the years, we have dealt with business mentors who don't get small business issues. Chris on the other hand just gets it. He is able to guide small business in the right direction. His experience in running his own businesses is a testament to him understanding the real issues." JAYNESH GOUNDER - Director AGILIS ACCOUNTANTS.

I have known and worked with Chris for the last 5 years and I take great delight in recommending him as an Executive Coach, Speaker, Leadership Coach and Business Strategist. I have seen Chris work and worked alongside him and experienced first hand his ability to work with an individual client or large organisation and achieve great results. His style is gentle and caring with an ability to enable the client to find the 'best' for them as an individual or organisation. I have no hesitation in saying that you will walk away from the experience of working with Chris with a new insight and clarity in your area of personal growth and business. WENDY BURNS - WENDY BURNS CONSULTING

Chris has been my success coach for the past 4 weeks. During this time I have seen Chris be a fantastic, generous, caring and honourable guy. He has so much to give to others, on so many different levels, and I applaud him for that. I enjoy our time together and I thank him dearly for providing me with his passion and philosophy on life. I recommend Chris to all who are searching for that 'edge'. Chris has the skills and knowledge to help you find it. JARED ASHER -ONLINE STRATEGY CONSULTANT

Chris knows what it takes to become a great leader. He is a person with great integrity and ethics and I can thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking to grow and develop their leadership (and life) skills. MARC SMITH - PARTNER EXECUTIVE FINANCIAL PLANNER - WESTPAC PRIVATE BANK


Executive Coaching |Business Coaching | Business Strategy | Motivational Speaker | Keynote Speaker | Leadership Development | Leadership Coaching.


|MESSAGE on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ christophersajnendra/

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