Jaynesh Gounder | Director Agilis Accountants and Advisers | Brisbane, Australia

“I had the pleasure of being coached by Christopher Sajnendra during an important strategic direction that our business was going through. During this time through Chris’s mentoring we were able to think about the plans and how our staff would be part of the bigger plans.

Chris’s business experience and his Human resources skills immensely helped us as he totally understood the frustrations of running a small business. Without his guidance, our business wouldn’t have hired and trained four new staff members in the last 12 months which would have had a massive impact on the growth of Agilis Accountants.
Over the years, we have dealt with business mentors who don’t get small business issues the same way another business owner would. Chris on the other hand just gets it and is able to guide small business in the right direction. His experience as running his own business is a testament to him understanding the real issues.”

Marc Smith Partner / Executive Financial Planner – Westpac Private Bank,

Board Member – Vana Childcare Ministries Ltd. 2011 – Outstanding Wealth / Investment Advisor Australian Private Banking Council Awards 2010 – CEO Living the Values Award – Individual Award BT 2011, 2010 & 2009 – National Private Bank Planner of the Year Award Westpac Private Bank 2011 – Westpac Financial Planning National Champion

“Chris knows what it takes to become a great leader. He is a person with great integrity and ethics and I can thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking to grow and develop their leadership (and life) skills.”

Jared Asher – Business & Life Coach – Australian Institute of Coaching | Lyoness – Premium Member | Business Development Manager

“Chris has been my success coach over the past 4 weeks. During this time I have seen Chris to be a fantastic, generous, caring and honourable guy. He has so much to give to others, on so many different levels, and I applaud him for that. I enjoy our time together and I thank him dearly for providing me with his passion and philosophy on life.

I recommend Chris to all who are searching for that ‘edge’. Chris has the skills and knowledge to help you find it.”



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